Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Click here to see the full listing of the March Madness Sale

Wow! Thrive has some GREAT deals going on during their March Madness Sale!

*NOTE* Prices will not take effect until the sale starts

The sale will be running 7:00 am MDT on Thursday, March 17th & will end at 11:59 pm MDT on Monday, March 21st. Remember, items are based on what is still in stock so I am taking pre-orders to load and have ready to complete once the sale starts to ensure you get what you want.
You can email your order to Thrivewnc@gmail.com, call or text me at 828-243-7877 or simply place your order online.

Some of my favorite things I will be stocking up on:

Cheddar cheese has become a favorite of ours.  Many of you who have stopped by the shows to see me for a sample have enjoyed the Cheddar Cheese, Green Peas, Corn & Sausage.  I sprinkle in a little Chef’s Choice Seasoning  and voila!  Mix it in with some tomatoes and serve over rice or mashed potatoes and you have a quick, easy, delicious & healthy meal without breaking the bank or spending a lot of time or energy making it.

I have wanted to try some of the Parmesan Cheese.  I have heard some rave reviews, and at this price I can stock up on a few cans.

Remember that Thrive Flash frozen blueberries can have up to 40% more calcium than store-bought blueberries.  Stock up and add to everything from cereal to baked goods.

The raspberries and sliced strawberries are both favorites of mine to throw into snack mixes or to add in my water to flavor it.

We have used the Instant Milk for a couple of years now.  It's easy to mix up and tastes great!  With no added hormones or antibiotics, this is a no brainer.

I have tried several of Thrive’s different TVP’s and found them all delicious.  TVP is a great way to add to and extend your proteins and meats.

I have also been using the Scrambled Egg Mix  for the last year or so and love it in everything from breakfast to cooking my favorite recipes with. Quick and easy: 2 Tbsp of powdered mix and 3 Tbsp water = 1 egg

Beef Dices are great to throw in soup and stews and also for rehydrating to serve with mashed potatoesmushrooms and brown gravy.

The Celery is another staple item that has made it into our daily pantry.  

The sausage crumbles are nothing short of pure magic!  You know how messy it is to cook sausage!  With the freeze-dried sausage you have no muss and no fuss.  Scoop it, toss it in and you’re done! I have used it in meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Thrive has revamped and reformulated some of Chef Todd’s best flavors to create a wonderful and delicious new Express Line. The new Express Meals feature lower sodium, non-GMO ingredients, and larger serving sizes! These are meals that you just add water to and enjoy! Click here for Express Meals nutritional information

Make sure to check out the pantry can ‘Go-To-Pack’. Not sure exactly what you want to buy but you would like to try some of the products?  This is a great way to get started and at a great price! Don’t forget to save your pantry cans to refill with the more cost effective #10 cans.  You can even recycle these into rocket stoves and ice cream makers!

The rotation shelves are at a FANTASTIC price and we absolutely LOVE our Cansolidator Pantry Plus rotation shelves.  We have several sections set up in our basement to maximize space and create an easy First In - First Out (FIFO) system to easily work through our food storage.

Please contact us if you have any questions or can be of further assistance.

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