Thursday, April 9, 2015

The BIG Deal Sale is on! (4/9-4/20)

The Big Deal Sale is ON!

Such a great way to stock up on some of your favorites, or try out some new things!
Some of my favorite highlights are:
Instant Milk - This is a HUGE savings!  This is the same no added hormones or antibiotic milk I use and it is YUMMY!  I usually recommend purchasing by the bucket, since it has a 25 year shelf life and 2 yrs to use once you open it but there is only a .03 per serving difference between the bucket and the #10 can.

Scrambled Egg Mix - keep in mind this has a 7 yr shelf life (not the usual 25 yrs, that most of the other Thrive products have) it still can be used for 1 year, after opening, unrefrigerated.  We had these last weekend camping, with the sausage crumbes and oh my GOODNESS they were both were AMAZING!  You can also bake with these egss.  They are my true preference (over the whole eggs)

I LOVE the chicken slices and use them in many different recipes.  Keep in mind, ALL thrive meats and dairy products have no added hormones or antibiotics (you know how expensive that quality of product is, in the grocery store)

Banana Slices are a favorite of ours to mix with the Strawberry slices, for a great road trip mix.  MAJOR NOTE!  Always remember when snacking on the products, in the freeze-dried state, to drink lot of water.  You don't want to have issues ;)

Turkey Dices:  This is a great deal but once you open the can, it has a 2 week shelf life (same as the ham)  I recommend purchasing these 2 items in the pantry cans, not the #10 cans. (Unless you want to do several Thanksgiving/Easter feasts)

There are some GREAT prices on some WONDERFUL foods here!  Thrive Foods are great for you everyday or long term food storage pantry. <3

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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